Redesign Existing Website

Does Your Website Need to be Redesigned?

Great! You already have a website!

At one time it probably looked shiny and new and you were excited to tell others about it. Now, maybe not so much. Are you thinking, “Do I need to redesign my website?”

Which Site is Yours?

Have you noticed how often businesses you frequent redesign their websites?  For instance, your bank or credit card companies seem to change their websites every 2-3 years. More frequently if they are running a promotion.  These updates are due to shifts in consumer attitudes and improvements in technology. 

Also, websites that aren’t redesigned become stale.  Consumers like fresh content.  Did you know that today’s average consumer spends 8 seconds on a website before deciding to stay or move on?  Which site is yours – stay or move on?

Perhaps when your website was created, all that was needed was a presence on the internet. One that your current customers might use to look up your business hours or contact information.  Or by someone who happened to drive by your store front and wanted to learn more. 

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But Times Change

Recently the CEO of a well-known sporting goods footwear and apparel company said while holding up his phone, “This is the new mall.” Many of today’s consumers don’t hop in the car and drive to the mall to shop. Instead, they pick up their phone and browse. Therefore, current websites must be mobile friendly.  How mobile-friendly is yours?

Today your business is probably competing with more online-only businesses than those with store fronts. This means your website needs to be eye-catching and appealing to those consumers looking through numerous websites.

“Do I Need to Redesign My Website?”

Can Your Current Website Compete? 

PDJ Web Design will analyze your current website and discuss the following areas with you.

How your website compares visually with those of your competition

How mobile-friendly your website is

What changes in products or services you now provide


If the message on your current website still fits your business

Who the consumer is that you want to speak to and convert


What search engine optimization (SEO) concepts are currently in place

Your website will be redesigned to be distinguished from your competition and speak appropriately to your current customers and future prospects.  And completed at an affordable price.

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