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Why Do I Need Blogs?

Blog posts serve 2 main purposes – promoting your business and educating others through your passion and knowledge.

“Stay In Sight”

Blog Posts (posts) are one of the most effective tools to promote your online business presence. Google loves active websites and periodic posts are a great way to keep yours active. Links embedded within your post lead those potential customers right back to your website. Posts also help to grow your contact list of current and potential customers. You’ve heard the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” That is still true about today’s consumers. What better way to stay “in sight” with your current and potential customers than with a useful, informative post every month or quarter?

Be the Expert!

Who knows your customers better than you do? You know what they want, are looking for, and need relative to your business. You can use posts to continually update your current customer base as well as talk to prospective customers. Pick one small facet of your industry and educate your customers on it through a blog each month or quarter. Your posts can cover the following.

Provide DIY information on the care of products you sell (ex. How to maintain the material of the fence you just installed.)

Provide DIY information on maintenance procedures between visits to your service-providing office (ex. How often should you change toothbrushes and which type of bristles are best?)

Introduce a new procedure or product within your industry that you have just added to your business.

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Share Your Passion and Knowledge

Do you have a passion that you are itching to share with the world? Are you no longer working but not ready to completely leave your field of expertise? Would providing your knowledge to the next generation be rewarding to you? But, does the idea of learning how to create and upload a blog post make you shake with fear? How will you be able to share your information and passion if you can’t even guess at how to write or get your blog post on the internet?

How Can PDJ Web Design Help Your Small Business?

PDJ Web Design will assist you in creating and adding informational posts to your website or blogsite in any or all of the following manners:

Start to Finish

Create the complete post based on your direction and information – content, images, and design


Dress It Up

Add images and design to make your content look appealing


Help Them Find You

Add basic SEO background information for consumer searches


Let PDJ Web Design continually inform your current and future customers as well as avid readers about you, your industry, and your business. We will assist you in building lasting online relationships through periodic posts.

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