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There are currently 1.7 billion websites globally.  Fortunately, only 200M are active.  But that’s still a lot of websites to compete with. Why Does SEO Matter?

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With so many websites, how will your prospects find you? 

Today’s websites need some level of SEO to direct those consumers to you. Google dominates the search engine market with 87.35% of all searches conducted through their website.  Search engines, including Google, primarily focus their searches locally to the consumer’s computer location. The businesses are then ranked based on that location.

There are several levels of optimization that can be incorporated into your website. Each website that PDJ Web Design either creates or redesigns is enhanced with a basic SEO foundation – no matter what your budget is.

PDJ Web Design provides the following basic SEO:

Quick analysis of your competition’s website

Use of keywords and behind-the-scenes descriptions to match how your prospects are searching

Provide critical searching index information to Google and other search engines

Assistance in adding a social media presence linking back to your website

Internal links to make website navigation easy and logical

SEO Letters

Advanced SEO Options for Small Businesses

But there is more to SEO than just the above.  And it can be an expensive endeavor, so we recommend increasing your optimization in phases. However, should you wish to invest in higher levels, we can work with you.

Advanced options include

Additional analytical tools to monitor your website activity and provide real-time results

Moderate to deep analysis of your competition and where you fit with them

Monthly monitoring and reporting of your website activity

Periodic blog posts – from content creation to design to keyword and description

Google Analytics

No matter what level of SEO your budget allows for, PDJ Web Design will best optimize your online presence. Creating a website that is an extension of you and your business is only half of the project. The other half is making it known to your future customers.

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